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Simply Halloween stores are great at creating high foot traffic to your locations that can attract national brands into long term leases. Let us help you show them how great your location is!


We typically sign temporary leases for 2-3 months. All leases include a "kick out" clause if the landlord secures a permanent lease by July 1. Site selection begins in January thru August. Simply Halloween stores open on or about Labor Day and remain open through November 1st. The ideal lease period is August 1st through mid November, however we can be flexible in certain situations.


We locate our stores in power centers, strip centers, free-standing stores, major downtown retail locations and in major malls surrounded by a national retailer mix, such as big box discount department stores and electronics stores.


We situate our stores in communities with a population of approximately 50,000+ in a 3-5 mile radius with a car count of at least 25,000 cars per day. Good visibility from the major traffic road is a must.


We can merchandise our stores to fill any space, but our ideal locations are between 4,000 and 10,000 sq ft on the sales floor in non mall locations and 3,000+ in malls. No space is too large.

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Gina Nguyen